Microorganisms are progressively focused in innovative agrochemical novelties as important supporters of an efficient nutrient supply.

It is an established approach to use Bacteria for soil recuperation. Seed dressing is since long done by use of chelated solutions. In anaerobic fermentation, particularly in biogas processing, trace nutrients are essential parts of microbial nutrition that rate-determines enhanced methanization. As a final example, Rhizobia – stimulated by Cobalt-Molybdenum – are capable to initiate fixation of elemental nitrogen from the air into nitrogen compounds as plant food. In all these applications and due to the high bio-availability chelated micronutrients offer a resource saving, highly efficient approach of nutrification.

In completion of our longstanding program of EDTA-based micronutrients: Ferric, Manganese, Zinc. Copper and Magnesium and mixes tailored thereof, we would like to focus your attention on the less usual trace elements of Cobalt (Co) and Nickel (Ni). Both elements have multiple functions in nature, engineering and chemical processes. Albeit use of binary Cobalt or Nickel salts, such as Chlorides, Sulphates, Nitrates and even Carbonates limited by newer classification traits (e.g. Dangerous Goods Category: Carc./Reprotox. 1B). Instead, our water-soluble, pH-stable and thus efficient bio-available EDTA chelates of Cobalt and Nickel are not classified as dangerous goods (Acute tox. 4). Hence, they offer an uncomplicated and safe handling in Biogas and Farming.

Since long, our range of fully chelated Trace elements consists of EDTA- and DTPA-based chelates of the most relevant micronutrients. Now, we have complemented our EDTA-Cobalt and EDTA-Nickel by some Sodium-free, highly-concentrated liquids (7 % nutrient content) and granular solids (13 % nutrient content). All of them can be applied with high efficiency and all of them have been REACH-registered. So, wherever complexed Cobalt and Nickel maybe required, our tailored chelated products or mixtures can broaden your application horizon.

  • EDTA-Cobalt Diammonium      CAS 94233-08-6
  • EDTA-Cobalt Disodium              CAS 15137-09-4
  • EDTA-Cobalt Dihydrogen          CAS 24704-41-4
  • EDTA-Cobalt Dipotassium        CAS 14025-10-6
  • EDTA-Nickel Diammonium    CAS 947-740-9
  • EDTA-Nickel Disodium            CAS 15708-55-1
  • EDTA-Nickel Dihydrogen        CAS 25481-21-4