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Candle Colours

Over 45 years of active business made Goldmann Produktion the leading manufacturer of colourants and additives for candles.
With this longstanding experience our team is your partner for developing and producing candle colours.



You are looking for a particular colour shade?

We provide an extended standard line. It comprises of pigment colours for coating as well as fat colours for imbuing candles.

Additionally we design individual colourants  according to your special requirements. This does not only include the exact shade but also takes into account the type of candle, your production methods and your other raw materials.

All colourants can be supplied solid, i.e. as compact blocks or as granulates, as well as liquid for especially easy dosing.



You are working on new formulations?

New raw materials or  raw material combinations often have a profound influence on the visual appearance and colour of a candle. Also other properties may be affected.

To always achieve the correct shade, brilliance and stability in Goldmann candle colours, the colourant itself may not always be enough. Regularly you will need the coherent interaction of colourant and additives.

For that purpose we have establish our own line of specialized additives to help you keep-up a constant quality of your candles.



You expect competent advice?

As your partner for the colouration of candles we supply more than just colourants. We help transforming your intention to reality and guide you on solving individual problems along the way.

Due to our longstanding experience we are able to also give competent advice on applications and provide technical support.

Your satisfaction is the benchmark for our definition of quality.

Your Contact for Candle Colours

You like to learn more about our candle colours?
Just give us a call.