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Technical thermoplastics are your potential?
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Technical Thermoplastics are indispensible for today’s automobile production. Their diversity guarantees efficient use of resources, they enable vast reductions in weight and the implementation of innovative safety features – always paired with appealing optics. Our broad ranged portfolio provides you with thermoplastic for all automotive applications.

Electro, Electronics
& Energy

Electro, Electronics & Energy

Electro, electronics & enegry applications pose a whole variety of technical requirement to thermoplastics. Our highly efficient materials go with these comprehensive technical requirements as well as fittingly  comply with today’s complex regulatory provisions. Supplemented with an equally comprehensive service package we provide you with a exceptional basis for competing in your market area.

Household, Consumer
& Health



Thermoplastic in household uses – a very succesful comination for diverse applications! Our thermoplastics have a fully comprehensive technical profile and at the same time provide the best choice for modern design.

Medicinal products – an extraordinaryly requiring sector of use for thermoplastics! Uncompromisingly fulfilling the most rigid regulations is the very basis for supplying into elaborately developed mecdicinal applications.

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