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Selected chemicals for sophisticated applications.

fine chemicals


Our high-purity fine chemicals programme for, among other things, chemical analytics, microbiology and the electronics industry, is based on the meticulous qualification of the raw materials along the supply chain.

We can offer selective reducing agents, synthesis building blocks, solvents, metal salts, complexing agents and rare components for fragrance and flavouring agents in proven purity.

functional chemicals


Our portfolio of qualified raw materials caters to a wide range of demanding technical applications.

Each of our product programmes focuses on a specific category, from flame retardants to textile and paper chemicals, from technical ceramics to catalytic applications, thus offering you access to crucial components and technical support for your products.

agricultural chemicals


For applications requiring special fertilisers and biogas additives, our portfolio can provide fully chelated trace elements and bespoke nutrient solutions.

In close cooperation with our partners, we process our high-quality raw materials to create intelligent, innovative formulations.

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Your contact for
Fine Chemicals

Doktor Andreas Kremer-Aach
Dr. Andreas Kremer-Aach

+49 521 93278 45

Your contact for
Functional Chemicals

Catalysis, Ceramics, Paper/ Textil Chemistry

Juergen Kohorst

+49 521 93278 42

Flame retardents, Catalysis

Frank Linkert
Frank Linkert

+49 521 93278 44

Your contact for
Agricultural Chemicals

Doktor Michael Hoefenerr
Dr. Michael Höfener

+49 521 93278 73