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We are representing leading manufacturers of cosmetic dyes and pigments. Furthermore, our portfolio includes specialties for innovative care products and active ingredients for hair and skin care, as well as a broad range of functional additives for sun care. A multitude of our products meets the requirements of certified natural cosmetics.

Our comprehensive portfolio mostly covers all aspects of cosmetic formulations.



With our broad range of globally approved colorants you gain high flexibility for the customisation of your products.

For your galenic development we provide a selection of functional additives.

Our product range also contains different complexing agents and vitamins for pharmaceutical applications.

Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional Supplements

For your nutritional supplements we offer numerous active ingredients and additives encompassing formulation auxiliaries, colourants and a growing selection of natural and synthetic vitamines supplied by leading manufacturers.

Our Aquamin series covers natural minerals of marine origin. It includes an unique Calcium source from marine algae, primarily Lithothamnium Calcareum. New to the range is Magnesium from marine water with an extensive trace element profile.

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