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Life Science

Your vision is that your products will improve the quality of life?
Our innovative ingredients will support you in achieving this goal.



We represent the leading manufacturers of cosmetic dyes and pigments.

Our portfolio not only offers specialty chemicals and active ingredients for innovative hair and skin care, but also diverse functional additives, sun protection agents and ingredients for certified natural cosmetics, thus catering to almost the entire range of cosmetic formulations.



Our comprehensive range of globally approved dyes provides you with flexibility in customising your products, diverse functional additives are available for your galenic formulation activities.

Our portfolio also includes a selection of complexing agents and vitamins for pharmaceutical applications

Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional Supplements

Our extensive selection of active ingredients and additives for the field of dietary supplements leaves little to be desired. In addition to formulation aids and dyes, we also offer an increasing selection of natural and synthetic vitamins from leading manufacturers.

Our Aquamin series is derived from minerals of marine origin, our calcium is extracted from the unique lithothamnion calcareum alga.

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