100 years of GoldMann in Bielefeld
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Who we are

Founded in 1919 by Sidney Goldmann in Bielefeld, Germany, S. Goldmann started as a pure trading enterprise. Focus originally was on borax and boric acid from the US to suite the needs of the domestic ceramics, emaille , glass and fertilizer industry.

Since then the company constantly expanded to the todays Goldmann Group.

S. Goldmann carries on the original and still core business in chemicals. GKG Goldmann Kunststoffe focusses on technical thermoplastics. Goldmann Sichuan Chemical contribute to all activities as bases in important growing geographical regions.

All businesses have gone through continues developement throughout the decades encorporating new fields of operation beyond mere trading. Developement and manufacturing of own product groups as well as project and supply chain associated support have become a large part of our daily work.

  • Highly qualified staff

  • Expertise since 1919

Global network

Our own branch in China along with the partner network of PlusChem provides worldwide connections for us. Thus we can offer a wide range of options including global procuring, validating and auditing of foreign suppliers as well as introducing European products to international markets.

Highly qualified staff

Targeted selection, personal support and regular schooling of our team members provide a high degree of chemical, technical and commercial expertise within the Goldmann Group.

Closely cooperating with a regional administration and business academy we offer apprenticeship for international trade combined with a university degree of business studies for motivated trainees. For alumni of natural science we provide an option to enter work right after finishing university.

Only the thus accumulated expertise and the high dedication of our team members make us a truly reliable partner for you throughout the whole supply chain.

Expertise since 1919

1919  The founding year of today’s Goldmann Group. Sidney Goldmann a Bielefeld business man set up the S. Goldmann company and started importing borax and boric acid from the US to sell to the local ceramics, enamel, glass and fertilizer industries.

1924  Antimony trioxide was added to the portfolio. Initially mostly used as clearing agent for enamel and pigment dye in glasses, to day Antimony trioxide is a primary component for flame retardants. It still is one of the major products for the globally operating S. Goldmann company.

1953 – After the death of the founder his son Walter Goldmann took responsibility for the business. Her expanded the trading business steadily towards specialty chemicals and dyes.

1960 – Introduction of Cycolac-ABS in Germany started the thermoplastics business. Expansion of this over the following years resulted in the formation of GKG Goldmann Kunststoffe as an independent company  and second member of the Goldmann Group. A much widened portfolio today makes GKG Goldmann Kunststoffe a well-established partner for the thermoplastics industry.

1994 – With Rainer Goldmann the third generation of the Goldmann family entered the operational business. This firmly secured continuing family tradition for all Goldmann companies.

1997 – Starting new activities Asia the Goldmann Group expanded their international operations. Goldmann Representative Office in Chengdu created the Goldmann hub for importing and exporting chemicals in China.

1999 – Beyond the trading operations and distributing business for well renowned international producers, especially S. Goldmann began to develope own product lines and expanded on offering individual supply solutions to its customers. Ever growing regulatory and technical requirements were countered by successively adding chemists to the team, thus being able to provide substantially more and in depth services.

2000 – The Goldmann Group along with its European partners formed PlusChem, an association of independent trading houses. Associating their individual strengths of its members PlusChem provides mutual access to their respective resources and market. Additionally it creates a coordinated platform for international chemical producers to enter the European market.

2005 – Working with a regional administration and business academy provides an option to the apprentices in the Goldmann Group to further qualify. The theoretical background of a degree in business studies is closely combined with the practical apprenticeship in international trade.

2019 – 100th company anniversary!