bio-gas additives


Biogas Additives

With a diversified portfolio of miscible micronutrient chelates as well as mixtures thereof and intensive customer stewardship Goldmann has become a well-acknowledged and reliable partner for biogas related products.

Individual Products

  • Dosing and handling of single element products with critical classification characteristics can be minimized by applying ready to use microelement mixtures.
  • Our customers determine their desired composition; our team finds the optimal recipe and clarifies all regulatory aspects.
  • Production scale from 1,000 L.
  • We offer various packaging alternatives: Cans (5 L, 10 L, 20 L), Barrel (200 L), IBC (1.000 L) and Bulk.

Regulatory Safety

In addition to product idea, development and production, we also offer the following:

  • MSDS and accurate classification according to CLP.
  • Design and print of customized product label.
  • Impact of the regulatory frame on the product.
  • Secured product availability after 2018 with proprietary REACH registrations.